Archital4; Building the Enterprise Architect dashboard


Archital4 is a Web Portal which displays information, usually in graph or chart format, obtained from model repositories created using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

How could Archital4 work for you?

Archital4 is extremely flexible and customisable to match the individual requirements of an organisation. Therefore Archital4 will be delivered as a Base Product which is then customised to meet the organisation’s requirements exactly.

Why do we need Archital4?

The answer to this question depends on the role you assume. For an Enterprise Architect role the portal allows you to present data from your repository to management in a clear, concise non-technical manner. For those assuming the role of Business Analyst the portal can be used to not only present, but also elicit requirements to and from your Stakeholders.

What are the benefits?

  • The tool enables you to measure the progression of your model maturity.
  • It allows you to display model repository data, information and statistics by using a web browser on any device.
  • By using a standard base Archital4 can be customised to extract and present data that meets the unique needs of your organisation.
  • Data can be extracted from not only single, but multiple repositories, allowing the review and comparison of data from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Access your data anywhere and at anytime from your repository without the need for a Cloud Services deployment.
  • Live data updates from repository to portal.

How do I measure my RoI?

As Enterprise Architect does not have the functionality to present model information in a form Managers and Stakeholdes require, Modellers are forced to create presentations by manually transforming their models into something readable. This is labour intensive and very costly.

Archital4 automates this transformation process, thereby eliminating the manual transformation overhead and allowing Modellers to devote all their efforts to their modelling tasks.

How does it work?

The overall architecture of Archital4 is as shown below:


The Adaptive Web Portal is a web framework which allows presentation of information in a web browser and is totally browser and device independent. That is, Archital4 can be used with any web browser and on any device including tablets and smart phones.

Access to Archital4 is user password, and each user has at least one role assigned to them. Once authenticated a user is presented with a Dashboard the contents of which depend upon the role (or roles) assigned to them.

Typical roles are:

  • Portal Administrator.
  • Project Manager.
  • Enterprise Architect.
  • Business Analyst.

A Dashboard presents information in the form of one Navigation Bar and one or more Apps. Apps are configured to obtain and display information. In Archital4 Apps fall into two major categories:

  • Stats Apps – these form the heart of Archital4 and display information obtained from one (or more) Enterprise Architect model repositories in graphical or chart form. Some Stats Apps have drill down which allow the user to explore the data behind the chart.
  • Custom Content App – these can display any form of information to the user, including text and media.

The style and colour of the apps is fully configurable.

Can Archital4 work with data sources other than Enterprise Architect?

The answer is yes. Each app obtains its data from JSON file, (typically delivered via a Web Service). Therefore provided such Web Services are available (or can be developed), Archital4 can work with multiple data sources.

Archital4 in action

Upon navigating to the Archital4 application, the user is presented with a Home screen as shown below:


After clicking the Log in button as requested, the User is presented with the Log in screen as shown below:


The User can then enter their User Name and Password and once authenticated, they are presented with the Home Page of the role to which they have been assigned. The screen shot below shows the Home Page for the Enterprise Architect role:


In the current version, an Enterprise Architect is presented with a simple Home Screen consisting of a Navigation Bar and a single app (of the Custom Content Type). After clicking the link Click to view the dashboard, the user is presented with the main Enterprise Architect dashboard consisting of Stats Apps as shown below:


The stats app which is showing the Pie Chart of Business Processes by Status, has a drill down, which after being clicked displays a Grid detailing all the Business Processes in the model, as shown below:


This grid has been configured to offer the user the following features:

  • Search.
  • Ordering by column title.
  • Export to CSV file.

The dashboard for the Business Analyst role is shown below:


Next steps

The next stage of development, currently in progress is the addition of the following:

  • Visual changes to the Archital4 Home page.
  • Visual changes to the Archital4 Log in page.
  • Stats apps appearing directly on the Home page of each user, instead of the custom app shown at present.
  • Apps that allow the user to enter data which is then used to extract data from the model repository.

What are the timescales for deployment?

A typical deployment would take around three to four months:

  • P&I / Requirements Gathering Phase – 2 weeks
    • What data needs to be presented?
    • How will it be presented e.g. what kind of apps do we need?
    • What kind of branding do we need?
    • What roles do we need?
    • Documentation of the above.
  • Development of the code to allow data extraction – 4 weeks
  • Customisation of the portal and apps – 4 weeks
  • Internal testing phase – 2 weeks
  • Installation onto your server – 1 week
  • User Acceptance Testing – 2 weeks
  • Release – 1 week

How to get a demo

If you would like to know more about Archital4 and would like to see it in action then please do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration or you can phone our sales team on +44 (0) 23 9282 2254.

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