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Market trends in Configuration Management

Businesses of all types are attempting to obtain the highest possible degree of standardisation and automation in software tools in order to optimise costs and processes. Benefits from using an integrated Application Lifecycle Management and software development tools set like Team Foundation Server are key to their increasingly widespread adoption.

The trend towards the use of Agile Software Development has made tool sets such as Team Foundation Server ever more popular due its ability to provide collaboration, efficiencies and in turn reduce costs.

These benefits include:

  • Increases productivity, as the team shares best practices for development and deployment, and developers need focus only on current business requirements.
  • Improves quality, so the final application meets the needs and expectations of users.
  • Breaks boundaries through collaboration and smooth information flow.
  • Accelerates development through simplified integration.
  • Cuts maintenance time by synchronizing application and design.
  • Maximizes investments in skills, processes, and technologies.
  • Increases flexibility by reducing the time it takes to build and adapt applications that support new business initiatives.

Team Foundation Server (commonly abbreviated to TFS) is a Microsoft product offering source control, data collection, reporting, and project tracking, and is intended for collaborative software development projects. It is available either as stand-alone software, or as the server side back end platform for Visual Studio Team System (VSTS).

Team Foundation Server (TFS) – The Service

Dunstan Thomas are experts in Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) providing a full set of services from training through to consulting & implementation services. It is important to get an implementation of TFS right first time. Correct use and appropriate configuration to meet your development processes is critical to avoid costly failure. Dunstan Thomas are specialists in:

  • TFS Installation and setup including Multi Server/Multi Location
  • Migration of source code from 3rd party solutions
  • TFS Deployment Automation
  • Process and Template Customisation
  • Management Reporting
  • Post Deployment Support Services

Team Foundation Server (TFS) –  The Technologies

Team Foundation ServerTFS is an integrated solution designed to support software development best practices to support:

  • Enterprise level version control
  • Fully flexible work tracking system
  • Build management
  • Process guidance
  • Management reporting


Team Foundation Server works in a three-tier architecture: the client tier, the application tier and the data tier. The client tier is used for creating and managing projects and accessing the items that are stored and managed for a project. TFS does not include any user interface for this tier, rather it exposes web services which client applications can use to integrate TFS functionality with themselves. These web services are used by applications like Visual Studio Team System to use TFS as data storage back end or dedicated TFS management applications like the included Team Foundation Client. The web services are in the application layer. The application layer also includes a web portal and a document repository facilitated by Windows SharePoint Services. The web portal, called the Team Project Portal, acts as the central point of communication for projects managed by TFS. The document repository is used for both project items and the revisions tracked, as well as for aggregated data and generated reports. The data layer, essentially an SQL Server Standard Edition installation, provides the persistent data storage services for the document repository. The data tier and application tier can exist on different physical or virtual servers as well, provided they are running Windows Server.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) – Case Study

A new case study is soon to be uploaded. In the meantime, here is another that also uses TFS. Dunstan Thomas partners with global energy company to outsource the support of its mission critical IT platform to provide 24/7 global support.

 Outsourcing, development and support, a detailed review
2011 Mobile Telecommunications Giant – adoption of TFS

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