UML Consulting & UML Mentoring


Dunstan Thomas has expertise in all aspects of UML design, employing a number of Object Management Group (OMG) certified professionals who provide consultancy, UML training courses and also design software applications using UML. Dunstan Thomas also helps businesses looking to build a new software application using UML or adopting UML as their software design standard, with consultants assisting within a project to design a software application. Taking a hands-on approach typically ensures best practice and field experience is adopted without costly mistakes during the actual project.

Using UML to Design Software

Designing a system is all about providing a robust, formal, stable and extendable basis for a software system that meets the needs of the users and is maintainable. Appropriate use of UML modelling is fundamental to the software design process to ensure that all requirements and constraints have been considered and the system is documented in a visual manner to aid construction and subsequent enhancement and support phases. Investing time at this stage of a software project will pay dividends as functional, architectural and non-functional aspects of the software system will have been considered prior to the actual development of the system.

UML Mentoring Services

Whilst our UML training courses will provide delegates with the fundamental working knowledge of UML, Dunstan Thomas advises that consideration is given to approaching the deployment of UML using a mentoring approach. We offer the following models for UML mentoring:

  • UML Accelerator Model – the instructor who taught the course will be on site for the first few days as you develop the initial shape of your UML model in a workshop environment. This provides reassurance and guarantees a flying start.
  • UML Mentoring Model – One of our consultants will be on site for a longer period of time post training and will immerse themselves into the project alongside delegates to ensure that the project delivers its objectives. UML Consultants will offer advice and conduct regular reviews of progress.
  • UML Gate Model – this approach suits the more confident organisation and takes the form of periodic model reviews offering recommendations and feedback.

Dunstan Thomas’ on-site UML consultancy pricing uses a daily T&M rate that decreases as the number of days on site grows. Please contact us for more details of our UML Mentoring Services.

UML for Offshoring

Dunstan Thomas believe the use of UML is essential for companies that are off-shoring their software development or that are developing new products on new technology to ensure that technical and functional requirements are documented and communicated using a common standard understood by the international software development community.


Dunstan Thomas also assists businesses looking to adopt SysML (Systems Modelling Language) or BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) to design systems or model business processes in a common standard. We also have a number of SysML Training Courses and Business Process Modelling Training Courses.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Dunstan Thomas recommends Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect as a UML Modelling Tool. To improve tool usage and adaptability Dunstan Thomas develops custom plug-ins for Enterprise Architect.

To learn more about UML, visit our What is UML ? page.

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