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Borland Caliber RM Essentials; Administration

The Borland Caliber RM Essentials: Administration training course is a one day tool-oriented course that provides hands-on training for anyone managing a Borland Caliber RM software installation. The focus will be on the project and server tasks necessary to administer the product software and repository. To accomplish these tasks, you will use the Borland Caliber RM Requirements Management module and the Borland Caliber RM Administrator module.

Course Outline: Borland Caliber RM Essentials; Administration

Course Price £556.00 (per person)
Onsite Price from £248.00 (per person)
Online Price from NA
Course Duration 1 Day

What will I learn on the Borland Caliber RM Essentials: Administration training course?

During the Borland Caliber RM Essentials: Administration training course, you will learn the underlying Borland Caliber RM product architecture and be able to develop a comprehensive security strategy for groups and users. You will also learn how to define reliable repository backup and recovery procedures and how to create custom reusable objects for use in Borland Caliber RM projects. In addition, you will learn how to migrate data in or out of Borland Caliber RM with the import and export functionality.

After completing this course, you will be able to effectively administer your Borland Caliber RM software installation.

Course Style

Lecture style with hands-on labs

Borland Caliber RM Essentials: Administration; Course Content

Borland Caliber RM Framework Administrator Overview

  • Launching, Logging On and Logging Off
  • Borland Caliber RM Administrator Views and Menus

Getting Started with Framework Administrator

  • Understanding Project Setup and Configuration
  • Understanding User Setup and Configuration
  • Understanding Group Setup and Configuration
  • Understanding Security Setup and Configuration

Borland Caliber RM Project Administrators

  • Assigning Borland Caliber RM Administration
  • Mapping and Sharing Requirements
  • Glossary maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Maintaining Requirements Types

  • Creating a Requirement Type
  • Maintaining a Requirement Type
  • Defining Requirement Attributes
  • Deleting Requirement Types and Attributes

Maintaining Requirement Baselines

  • Creating a Baseline
  • Assigning Baseline Administrators
  • Initializing a Baseline
  • Maintaining a Baseline
  • Comparing Baselines

Import/Export Utilities

  • Export to MS Access
  • Borland Caliber RM Import Utility
  • Borland Caliber RM Export Utility
Borland Caliber RM Essentials: Administration; Prerequisites

Delegates require a working knowledge of the Windows Operating System and to have also completed the Borland Caliber RM Essentials training course.

Please contact us or telephone on +44 (0) 23 9282 2254 should you require a quote for onsite training.

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