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Database Modelling with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Sparx Systems Authorised Training Partner - Database Modelling with Enterprise ArchitectDatabase Modelling with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

The database modelling with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect training course is aimed at Data Engineers who are designing or maintaining physical database schemas.

The course will provide platform independent background to database modelling and hands-on exercises targeting a DBMS supported by Sparx Systems such as SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

Course Price £893.00 (per person)
Onsite Price from £482.00 (per person)
Online Price from NA
Course Duration 2 Days

 Aims & Objectives

This training course aims to equip Database Engineers with the necessary skills and practical experience to model and maintain physical database schemas within Enterprise Architect.

Database Modelling with Enterprise Architect; Course Content

  • Characteristics of a Physical Data Model
  • DMBS systems supported by EA
  • Modelling Tables and Columns
  • Modelling Primary and Foreign Keys, including referential integrity
  • Modelling Many-to-Many relationships using Link Tables
  • Modelling Type-of (or Generalisation) relationships
  • Modelling Stored Procedures
  • Modelling Indexes
  • Modelling Triggers
  • Modelling Check Constraints
  • Modelling Views
  • Generating the DDL for the database schema
  • Importing (reverser engineering) an existing DBMS schema
  • Using MDA (Model Driven Architecture) to generate a Physical Database design from an existing Logical Data Model


A working knowledge of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.