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Online ArchiMate Training – Introduction to ArchiMate

ArchiMateOnline ArchiMate Training

The Introduction to ArchiMate online training course providing a presentation of ArchiMate 2.0 and includes practical advice and examples on effective usage in enterprise architecture modelling projects. The course is suitable for enterprise architects, business analysts and solution architects.

Course Price £NA (per person)
Onsite Price from £NA (per person)
Online Price from £350.00 +Vat per person
Course Duration Self Paced

Online Training

What will I learn?

The Introduction to ArchiMate online training course is designed to give participants a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture modelling using ArchiMate 2.0 - developing and analysing Enterprise Architecture as well as learning to use viewpoints to maximize communication.

Online Training

Course Content

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architect
    • The features of Enterprise Architect & its editions
    • Description of the concept of Repositories;
      • Working with Repositories
      • Structure of Repositories
  • Overview of Enterprise Architecture Modelling using ArchiMate
    • Overview of Enterprise Architecture & ArchiMate
    • The concepts of ArchiMate
    • The ArchiMate Viewpoints
  • Modelling the Business Layer Viewpoints using ArchiMate
    • The Actor Co-operation Viewpoint
    • The Organization Viewpoint
    • The Product Viewpoint
    • The Business Function Viewpoint
    • The Business Process Viewpoint
    • The Business Process Co-operation Viewpoint


Some experience in modelling and modelling notations (for example UML)Should you require a quote for onsite training then please contact us.