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Online Sparx Enterprise Architect Training – Reporting with EA

Online Sparx Enterprise Architect Training Course

Online Sparx Enterprise Architect TrainingThe generation of quality documentation to a recognised corporate standard is a very important task in systems design. The Reporting with Enterprise Architect
online training course explores the techniques for producing quality documentation using Enterprise Architect.

This online Sparx Enterprise Architect training course is aimed at Business Analysts, Systems Architects and Developers.

Available for: 

  • EA 13
Course Price £NA (per person)
Onsite Price from £NA (per person)
Online Price from £350.00 +Vat per person
Course Duration Self Paced

Online Training

What will I learn?

This online Sparx Enterprise Architect training course is designed to familiarise users of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with the different documentation generation options within the tool. By the end of this course users will be able to generate quality reporting documents with Enterprise Architect.

Online Training

Course Content

The Reporting with Enterprise Architect training course will cover;
  • An overview of Reporting
  • HTML Generation
  • Document Generation
  • Template Configuration
This online Enterprise Architect training course also includes hands-on exercises;
  • Publish as HTML
    • Open the Publish as HTML window
    • Generate a HTML report
    • Example HTML report
    • Create HTML template
    • Change height of .IndexBody
    • Change height of .IndexHeader
    • Problem: mismatched image and frame heights
    • Re-publish and check image
    • Select your header image and re-publish
    • The finished HTML report
  • Generate Documentation
    • Display and dock the Resources window into a tab
    • Create a new project
    • Import the example model
    • Create a Documentation diagram
    • Create a Master Document element
    • Create a Model Document element
    • Create a template
    • Create a cover page
    • Create a table of contents
    • Create a style sheet
    • Create a fragment

How do I sign up for online training courses and what will it cost?

If you would like to sign up for this online Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect training course, or, any of our other online training courses then all you need to do is contact the training team.The price for our online training services is on a per user, per course basis. Please visit our online training page & use the price calculator to get a quote on price for your eLearning subscription.