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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – The Practicalities

Enterprise Architect; the PracticalitiesSparx Systems Enterprise Architect – The Practicalities

Common to all team members and provides a solid practical foundation into the use of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Course Price £556.00 (per person)
Onsite Price from £248.00 (per person)
Online Price from £275.00 +Vat (per person)
Course Duration 1 Day

sparx_partnerAims & Objectives

This training course for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is design to provide a knowledge base on the practical use of Enterprise Architect. The practical skills gained during this course will be enhanced by training focused to the needs of Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Enterprise Architects.  

Course Content

  • Overview of Enterprise Architect
    • Features
    • Repositories and their use
  • Customising the workspace
    • Views and their use
    • Supplied workspace layouts
    • Creating your own workspace layout
  • Repository Structure
    • Roots, views and packages
    • Best practices for repository structure
    • Resources
  • Creating and managing models
    • Creating diagrams
    • Diagram properties
    • Creating elements
    • Element properties including tagged values and linked documents
    • Overview of Model Driven Generator Technology (MDG) for creating customised modelling elements
  • Creating relationships and traceability
    • Relationship Matrix
    • Traceability Tool
  • Using Enterprise Architect’s search functionality
  • Export and import, sharing resources between projects
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Version Control and baselines
  • Overview of Document Generation
    • HTML
    • RTF

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