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Systems Engineering with SysML

SysMLSysML Training Course

The Systems Engineering with SysML training course is designed to provide System Engineers with a detailed understanding of the practical application of SysML to Systems Engineering projects, using a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach.

Course Price £893.00 (per person)
Onsite Price from £482.00 (per person)
Online Price from NA
Course Duration 2 Days

What will I learn on the Systems Engineering with SysML training course?

OMG Systems Modelling LanguageThis course covers the practical aspects of SysML and is “tool agnostic”, although example models will be used to underpin the concepts covered.

These example models have been created using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.



OMG Systems Modelling LanguageSystems Engineering with SysML
Course Content:

Day 1;

  • Systems Engineering Overview, Model Based Systems Engineering Overview and SysML Overview
  • Modelling requirements and their Relationships
  • Modelling functionality with Use Cases
  • Modelling structure with blocks
    • Block Definition Diagrams
    • Units, Dimensions, Value Types and Flow Specifications
  • Modelling internal structure with blocks and properties
    • Internal Block Diagrams

Day 2;

  • Modelling flow-based behaviour with Activities
  • Modelling event-based behaviour with State Machines
  • Modelling message-based behaviour with Interactions
    • Sequence Diagrams
  • Modelling constraints with Parametrics
  • Modelling cross-cutting relationships with Allocations


Delegates attending the Systems Engineering with SysML training course should have a Systems Engineering background, however, no prior SysML or UML knowledge is required.

Should you require a quote for onsite training please contact us.

To learn more about SysML or UML, please visit our What is SysML? and What is UML? pages.