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UML Essentials

UML - Unified Modelling LanguageUML Training Course

The UML Essentials training course is a thorough presentation of the Unified Modelling Language and includes practical advice on effective usage in development projects and is suitable for business analysts and developers.

Course Outline: UML Essentials

Course Price £893.00 (per person)
Onsite Price from £482.00 (per person)
Online Price from NA
Course Duration 2 Days

uml_logoWhat will I learn on this UML training course?

The UML Essentials training course is a fast-paced mixture of hands-on UML modelling exercises and lecture. The UML Essentials training course is designed to give participants a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of building UML models - developing and analyzing UML diagrams as well as learning to use UML to maximize communication. Our consultant will walk you through the process of building diagrams with UML, starting with samples that you build and moving into modelling your specific domain. While the UML Essentials training course is not process-specific, it includes examples of how the UML diagrams are used with different processes. The UML Essentials training course consists mostly of pencil-and-paper sessions which will complement the visual-aided lecture and enable delegates to apply the skills being taught.

uml_logoUML Essentials; Course Content

Background of the Unified Modelling Language (UML)

  • Includes a brief history of UML important background information
  • Overview of general UML diagram elements

General UML Diagram Concepts

  • Conventions that apply across all UML diagrams
  • Different kinds of relationships
  • Organizing elements into packages

Use Cases

  • How to draw the Use Case diagram
  • Identification of use cases and actors
  • Discussion on application within iterative development methodologies
  • Specification of Use Cases (Basic Flow, Alternate Flows, Exception Flows) using text
  • Common issues and their solutions

Object and class diagrams

  • Learn how to create effective UML class diagrams which represent the business domain
  • Understand how class and object diagrams provide valuable feedback about the structure of the software
  • Find out when to use the UML object diagram

Sequence Diagrams

  • Understand the Sequence diagram
  • Comprehend the importance of the diagram

UML Statechart Diagrams

  • Understand when and why it is important to model the states of objects

Implementation Models: Component Diagrams & Deployment diagrams

  • Comprehending the implementation model
  • Find the answer: why is it important to model the deployment?

UML Activity diagrams

  • Understand the difference between Activity and State diagrams
  • Learn about the components of the Activity diagram

Prerequisites for the UML Training Course

Some experience in software development If you require a quote for onsite training please contact us.

UML Modelling Tools

Dunstan Thomas are able to offer support services, including training & consulting, on the following UML Modelling Tools: The Object Management Group (OMG) This course is delivered by Dunstan Thomas' OMG Certified UML Professionals You can learn more about UML by reading our What is UML? page.