DT Consulting Newsletter – October 2014

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter – October 2014

In this month’s Dunstan Thomas Consulting newsletter we look at a round up of the latest EA User Group in Munich and offer a peek at the development of our online training solution.

EAUG Meeting – Munich

The latest meeting of the Enterprise Architect User Group Meeting (EAUG) took place on 7th October 2014 in Munich.

The venue, kindly donated by Airbus Group, was at their site in Otterbrunn, just south of the centre of Munich, where a very warm welcome was received.

Over 100 delegates most of which were from mainland Europe, attended this meeting which I believe is one of the highest attendances at a EAUG event which only goes to show the interest in these meetings.

After registration and a welcome address from Daniel Siegl of LieberLieber the day started with a very informative keynote address delivered by Carsten Strobel and Clotilde Marchel, both of Airbus Group. The content of the keynote was how Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) plays a strategic role within Airbus group. The presentation presented both the challenges of MBSE within a large diverse group and how these challenges have been and continue to be overcome.

The delegates were then able to choose from one of two tracks for the rest of the day, with most being presented in English with three being presented in German.

The topics for the English language track and their presenters were as follows:

Phil Chudley

Blocks, ports and their Connections – A Practical Approach to SysML 1.3 Modelling using Enterprise Architect version 11

This session presented the challenges and solutions for modelling in SysML 1.3 the structural design of complex systems comprising of many inter-related parts. This was then demonstrated using Enterprise Architect to highlight the excellent features, the good features and the problems and issues when modelling in SysML 1.3

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter - Phil Chudley

Philip Stirgwolt, Martin Krammer

From Natural Language to Semi-Formal Notation requirements for Automotive Safety

Highlighted the importance of using formalises requirements modelling rather than textual requirements for safety critical systems. This was achieved via a custom meta-models for Enterprise Architect that conforms to the ISO 26262 standard. Although the presentation focused on the automotive industry, the importance of custom meta-models (MDGs in Enterprise Architect) is applicable to any domain.

Jackie Mitchell

Growing the Enterprise Architect Ecosystem

This session presented the importance of a supporting backbone (ecosystem) for the successful adoption of modelling tools within a large scale organisation.

Partrick Könemann

Bridge the Gap between Enterprise Architect and Eclipse with the YAKINDU EA Bridge

During this session an extension for EA, the YAKINDU-EA Bridge was described and demonstrated. The objective of this extension is to improve the modelling experience when using Enterprise Architect within the Eclipse platform.

Jan van Oort

Indexed HDFS: a UML model for a new Big Data solution

Using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as a starting position, this session presented how this was modelled and refined in Enterprise Architect to produce an end-to-end solution resulting in the production of Java code directly compatible with Netbeans / Maven.

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter - Jan van Oort

Walter van der Heiden

Embedded C Code generation from Enterprise Architect

A demonstration using Enterprise Architect and an Extension of how UML can be used as foundation for the generation of C production code suitable for embedded systems.

Geert Bellekens

Create your first Enterprise Architect add-in in 10 minutes

More and more users of Enterprise Architect are turning to the development of extensions (or add-ins) to enhance the functionality of Enterprise Architect or to improve productivity. This session demonstrated the essential skills that need to be acquired so that such extension can be written and deployed.

Ian Mitchell

Models to Shout About

This session presented the importance of not “over modelling”, but rather giving stakeholders what they want, rather than showing of your skills as a modeller. The importance of having a defined meta model was also highlighted during this presentation.


A very enjoyable and thought provoking event which provided an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow users of Enterprise Architect.

If you have never been to an EAUG meeting I urge you to seriously consider attending as you are sure to gain a lot from the experience.

For further details on the Munich meeting and past EAUG events and for news of forthcoming events please go to


DTC E-learning

We have a very exciting project currently in development here at DTC. As the title suggests we are in the process of putting together an e-learning offering to compliment our course schedule and onsite delivery.

This project was birthed out of the knowledge that you, our clients, are not always able to free up project resources en mass to attend training sessions or that you may have new team members that need to be brought up to speed. As such we are developing a series of e-learning self study courses that will be delivered via browser straight to your team members.

The first of these new courses are completely new material and well under way;

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter - EA Courses

Reporting with Enterprise Architect

Developed by Colin Coates

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter

SysML 1.3 Made Practical Using Enterprise Architect v.11

Developed by Phil Chudley

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Newsletter

sysml - lesson

If you have any questions or would like to be kept abreast of developments in our e-learning project please do not hesitate to contact us.


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