Dunstan Thomas Supports the Crondall Triathlon

Dunstan Thomas Supports the Crondall Triathlon

Dunstan Thomas have sponsored the Crondall Triathlon, which took place on Sunday 4th June 2017. The event involves a 400 metre swim, a 20 kilometre cycle, finishing in a 5 kilometre run. Proceedings involve a mix of local and professional participants, of which there are around 250 competitors annually, approximately 40 of which are teams.

Dunstan Thomas have been sponsors of the Crondall Triathlon for 14 years, and have helped to raise over £150,000 towards various causes. The triathlon supports local causes (listed in full below), as well as wider causes such as work involving Prostate Cancer. The money collected has contributed towards the purchase of a defibrillator for the North Hampshire area.

All money collected by the event is vital as it not only helps local causes, but is also essential to support the running of the event, from the creation and purchase of t-shirts, to the purchase and assembly of scaffolding for the bike racks.

Crondall Triathlon

The causes helped by the Crondall Triathlon are:

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