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Enterprise Architect and JIRA together! Share and synchronize between tools plus the ability to add worklflows to your JIRA projects and UML artifacts.

EA Connector for Jira – Key Features

Multiple Mappings

EA Connector for Jira

EA Connector for JIRA 7.0 improves the mappings between Enterprise Architect and JIRA by adding the possibility of selecting several JIRA projects and filters and filtering these by name. This way the user can conveniently choose from the export and import screens the project or filter to export elements to or from which to import issues.

New Element-Issue Relationship

EA Connector for Jira

The latest version of EA Connector for JIRA features a new way of relating Enterprise Architect elements and JIRA issues, bypassing the creation and maintenance of the “EAGUID” personalized field in JIRA and storing the relationship in Enterprise Architect. This change, in addition to avoiding the need to edit the JIRA project, leads to a data export, gathering and comparison process that is faster and more agile.


EA Connector for Jira

The most novel feature of EA Connector for JIRA 7.0 is an important plugin that allows for fully scheduled and automated exports and imports. By creating personalized tasks, users will be able to employ the Windows Task Scheduler to program both the export of Enterprise Architect elements and the import of JIRA issues, providing access to a file full of reports that will contain every detail of the tasks executed.

Three New Export Filters

EA Connector for Jira

Now you can search elements by three new values: Status, Version and Priority in addition to already existing to improve the accuracy of the results from the exportation screen.

New Elements in Comparison Table

EA Connector for Jira

3 new values are included: Sub-diagrams, relationships, linked documents and JIRA’s History Log to obtain more info in order to make decisions about the element. You can also import the log to EA.

Improved Import / Export Toolbars

EA Connector for Jira

Restyled and improved layout of the export and import screens tool-bars to make them easier and more intuitive to use.

New “In-Detail” Comparison Panel

EA Connector for Jira

A new panel is included to show the in-detail differences of the selected element property. You will know the property value differences exactly.

Improved Mapping Module

EA Connector for Jira

Configuring mappings for entities, fields and links has been completely redesigned with ease of use and maintenance in mind.

Built-In Web Browser

EA Connector for Jira

When an element is selected you can see the information associated with it in both tools simultaneously, or even work in Jira from EA.

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