eaDocX; A Microsoft Word Document Generator Plug-in for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect


eaDocX is the high-quality Microsoft Word document generator for the popular UML modelling tool, Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems).

It combines an intuitive user interface with tight integration with Word, to produce easily customised really high quality ready-to-publish documents with a couple of clicks. And whenever the EA model changes, all it takes is 2 clicks to update your document.

This represents a significant breakthrough for Enterprise Architect users. Now a whole project team can use EA as their knowledge repository: analysts, architects, designers, developers and project managers, because each can define their own documents, customised to their exact requirements.


If you:

  • eaDocX; MS Word Document Generator for Enterprise ArchitectWork in an organisation with lots of stakeholders and need to create lots of different documents from your EA model
  • Work in an “MS Office-using” organisation and need to communicate with the non-EA using parts of it
  • Have company document styles and formats that you need to follow
  • Need to update your documents regularly
  • Want to make sure your documents are high quality – to show off all the high quality work that you’ve captured in EA

…YOU need eaDocX!

eaDocX; Key Features
  • Intelligent document creation: eaDocX looks inside your model and gives you options based on what it finds, including hyperlinks between related elements and only glossary terms used in the document.
  • Element reports find elements of any type anywhere in your model and print them together.
  • Formatting separately defined for each element and stereotype.
  • Conditional formatting uses colour and text replacement to highlight information.
  • Extra columns and rows in matrix reports communicate rich relationships.
  • Tailor document structures using Word styles to meet company standards.

eaDocX makes it quick and easy to share high quality EA model data with the rest of your business. Now you can have a single version of the
truth. Create the documents you always wanted to, avoid rework and impress your stakeholders.

See for yourself how eaDocX saves you time, saves you money and improves your project quality.


A trial version of eaDocX can be downloaded here.

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