eaDocX Collaboration EditioneaDocX Collaboration Edition

Collaboration Edition – “Agile Documentation”

The latest version of eaDocX (a well-established Extension for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect) is eaDocX Collaboration Edition.

This new version publishes documents generated from the model repository to HTML where they can be viewed in a browser.

In addition to just viewing the document, stakeholders can also make comments, raise questions and respond to questions. These comments, questions and responses are added directly (and invisibly to the Stakeholder) to the model repository.

This has the added benefits of:

  • Making the review process truly interactive.
  • Maintaining a record of reviewers’ comments.
  • Facilitating traceability between model artefacts and these comments, questions and response.


With eaDocX Collaboration Edition you can now:

  • Publish your eaDocX documents to a website;
    • Intranet to readers within your organisation.
    • Extranet to your chosen partners.
    • Internet to anyone you’d like to collaborate with!
  • Get your reviewers to make their comments online;
    • Use any platform with a suitable web browser: PC, iPad, even a phone!
    • Ask them questions about individual EA things.
    • Get them to vote on individual choices.
    • Let then see what everyone else is saying, and join the conversation.
  • Have all comments from all users added straight into your EA model;
    • In real-time!
    • Makes them part of the permanent record.

If you would like to purchase eaDocX Collaboration Edition licences please contact the licence sales team.


eaDocX Collaboration Edition – 5 minute guide

This quick guide assumes that you are already familiar with creating great documents with eaDocX – this is just the new bits.

NOTE: Please see the Installation Guide for details on how to setup the Collaboration Edition Web Server, and the eaDocX Help on running the eaDocX Document Management Setup (EA | Extensions | eaDocX | Document Management | Setup Document Management). This document assumes you have done that successfully, and are now ready to start collaborating.