Enterprise Architect; Extensions Overview

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect –  Extensions Overview


Users of Enterprise Architect may be aware that it is possible to extend the functionality of Enterprise Architect via the creation and installation of Extensions (previously known as Add Ins)

This newsletter provides an overview of three such extensions which are available from third party providers.

These extensions are:

  • CaliberRM / EA Integration from Dunstan Thomas
  • AM|USE from LieberLieber
  • eaDocX from Ability Engineering Ltd

CaliberRM / Enterprise Architect Integration

CaliberRM is a requirements management system produced and distributed by MicroFocus. This extension written and supplied by Dunstan Thomas provides a functionality similar to that of the DOORS MDG Integration supplied by Sparx Systems.

Two versions of the extension are available, one which supports CaliberRM 2008 and one which supports the latest version, namely, CaliberRM 10.1


The extension provides the following functionality:

  • Initial import of all requirements from a CaliberRM baseline within a CaliberRM project to a selected view / package within an Enterprise Architect repository;
    • CaliberRM system attributes and CailberRM User Defined Attributes (UDAs) are mapped either to standard properties of a Requirement element, or to tagged values as appropriate.
    • CaliberRM Requirement Types are replicated in the Enterprise Architect repository as packages.
    • Parent-child structures are replicated.
  • Subsequent synchronisation of requirements such that;
    • New requirements in CaliberRM and added into their appropriate location within Enterprise Architect repository.
    • Changes to a CaliberRM’s requirement attributes are reflected in the corresponding requirement element within the Enterprise Architect repository.
    • Requirements that have been deleted from the CaliberRM project are moved into a Recycle Bin package created specifically for this purpose within the Enterprise Architect repository.
  • Optional import of the Glossary from CaliberRM into the Enterprise Architect repository glossary.

System Requirements

The following system requirements are required for this extension;

  • .NET framework 3.5
  • Enterprise Architect version 7.5 (or higher)
  • CaliberRM 2008 (or Caliber RM 10.1) together with CaliberRM 2008 SDK (or Caliber RM 10.1 SDK)
    • Important note:
      • The same version of the CaliberRM SDK must be installed on both client and server machines in order for this extension to functional correctly


This product has been retired and is no longer available.


AM|USE is an extension that provides UML/SysML model simulation, primarily for State Machines.


The extension provides the following functionality;

  • Full simulation of UML or SysML state machines
  • Specification of constraints on triggers
  • Integration with UML Class/ SysML Blocks defined in the Enterprise Architect repository
  • Events can be fired manually or scripts can be created by recording events and triggers and then played back
  • Hook into existing code, for example to display actual dialogues
  • Full support for concurrent states, composite states and history states


eaDocX from Ability Engineering Ltd is an extension that provides documentation production by integrating Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Word.


The extension provides the following features;

  • Include any data from an Enterprise Architect repository including
    • Regular Enterprise Architect elements
    • All Enterprise Architect diagrams, special processing for message details on Sequence diagrams
    • All repository data
    • All types of relationships
    • Package information
    • Tagged Values and Stereotypes included those that are user-defined
  • Mix hand-written content in Word with eaDocX generated content from the Enterprise Architect repository
  • Format Enterprise Architect elements either as simple tables or paragraphs
  • Include information about relationships between Enterprise Architect elements
  • Add manual cross references from one part of the document to another which automatically update each time a document is generated
  • Include information from Enterprise Architect linked documents
  • Flexible document structure
  • Tight integration with Word (versions 2003 -> 2010)
  • Full support for Word Styles including copying of formatting options between documents
  • Conditional formatting
  • Matrix Reports
  • Quick Documents
  • Batch regeneration
  • Auto generate glossary
  • Change marking

System Requirements

The following system requirements are required for this extension:

  • .NET framework 3.5 or .NET framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 or 2010
  • Enterprise Architect version 8.0 (or higher)


We have provided a quick overview of three selected extensions for Enterprise Architect. For further information regarding these extensions please refer to the relevant “Availability” sections of this post.

Details of many extensions currently available for Enterpise Architect may be found at http://www.sparxsystems.com/products/3rdparty.html


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