Enterprise Architect User Group – Zurich

EA User Group Event – Zurich

The latest meeting of the EAUG took place at the UBS Auditorium in Zurich Switzerland on Tuesday 10th March 2015.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

The meeting attracted around 60 delegates who gained inspiration from a variety of presentations, listed below:

Enterprise Architect User Group - Zurich 2015; Agenda

After a welcoming address by Peter Lieber, the first session presented in German, by David Würth of UBS, but with an English PowerPoint presentation detailed the approaches used by UBS in their Enterprise Architecture project, the problems they encountered, and the solutions they developed in order to address these problems.

This was followed, most appropriately, by a presentation in English by Phil Chudley of Dunstan Thomas, focusing on the practicalities, of Enterprise Architecture modelling using Archimate 2.0, Enterprise Architect and TOGAF. In his usual style, Phil set the scene with a PowerPoint presentation followed by a hands-on session using Enterprise Architect version 12, highlighting some of the tricks of the trade when using Archimate 2.0 and Enterprise Architect.

The third session, presented in German by Lucca Strozzi of Swisscom began the theme of Collaboration by describing Swisscom’s approach to checking compliance amongst 700 Application Models and the importance of creating a metamodel against which models can be checked for compliance.

The theme of collaboration continued in the next two sessions the first of which, presented in German by Konrad Wieland of LieberLieber, in which he described how LieberLieber can come to aid of companies struggling with collaborating, called WebCollaborator. Using this product Enterprise Architect users can collaborate on a model using a Web Based interface.

The last presentation in the collaboration theme was presented in English, by Jackie and Ian Mitchell both from eaDocX, who highlighted the collaborative issues arising in an Agile environment.

The second presentation presented in English by Phil Chudley of Dunstan Thomas, addressed the use of BPMN 2.0 using Enterprise Architect version 12. Phil stated the issues modellers face with BPMN 2.0 most notably, repository structure and element re-usability, he then illustrated solutions to these problems using a worked example in Enterprise Architect version 12.

The presentation by SBB was delivered in English by Peter Hirzel and Maitre Gilles and was entitled Requirements Engineering Methodiker. During this presentation, there were gasps from the audience when they stated that SBB had been modelling using many individual EAP files and merging them using Masters and Replicas! They then stated the pain points encountered using this approach and how SBB developed a new modelling and repository usage strategy. They also managed to elicit second gasps from the audience when they stated that their repository currently holds around 1.1 million elements.

EA Extensions Guru Geert Bellekens, well known to many via the Enterprise Architect forum, took to the stage to present in English, his latest offering EA-MATIC.

Peter Lieber then brought proceedings to a close with a German presentation showcasing the extra functionalities, workspace and dialog makeovers in Enterprise Architect version 12

Overall, another very successful EAUG meeting, the presentations are available for download at: http://www.eausergroup.com/past-events/march-2015-zurich/presentations-for-download

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