Integrating Sparx Enterprise Architect with external development tools

Integrating Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with external development tools

Developers are typically interested in integrating Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect with external development tools to support one of two scenarios, either to edit source code using their favourite external editor, or for a deep integration with a heavyweight commercial IDE. This short article explores the options.

Using an external source code editor

Sparx Enterprise Architect can be configured to open source files in an external editor. This is good news for developers who already have a strong preference (and keyboard skills) for using a particular editor, such as Vim or EMACS. Working inside Sparx Enterprise Architect:

  1. Click Tools | Options…
  2. The Options window is displayed. Click Source Code Engineering | Code Editors.
  3. Clear the check-box alongside Use inbuilt editor if no external editor set, and then click Close.
  4. Right-click an UML class element (in the Project Browser or on a diagram), and select View Source Code…
  5. The source code will displayed in an external editor window, based on the file association that you have configured for your PC’s operating system.
Deep integration with an external IDE

Sparx Systems offers plug-in integrations to support heavyweight commercial IDE’s:

The plug-in integrations are intended for developers who have already made a big intellectual investment in learning a complex IDE, and want to bridge that knowledge into using Sparx Enterprise Architect (for model-driven architecture, development and documentation).

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