Save time & money by safeguarding against accidental deletion

New MDG extension from DT Consulting

Phil Chudley, Principal Consultant and OMG Certified UML Professional at Dunstan Thomas, has been busy recently with the development of an MDG extension for Enterprise Architect.

What he has come up with is EA SafeDelete….

EA SafeDelete; OverviewEA SafeDelete MDG Extension

When deleting items (views, packages, elements or diagrams) from a repository, Enterprise Architect warns the user that the delete action is irreversible.

The current challenges with Enterprise Architect are:

  • The wording of the warnings is inconsistent. If a user deletes an item from a diagram (Ctrl + Del), then the warning indicates that the process cannot be undone. However it does not warn that any children will also be deleted. If a user deletes an item from the project browser (Ctrl + Del or Right-click Delete), then the warning indicates that the process will delete all children, but does not warn that the process cannot be undone.
  • Enterprise Architect provides no indication as to the effect that deleting an item from the repository may have on other items in the repository. For example, which diagrams refer to this item, and what relationships exist between this item and other items.
  • As the delete process cannot be undone, mistakes cannot be easily rectified.

EA SafeDelete is an MDG extension to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect that seeks to address these challenges….

…read more on the EA SafeDelete page.

Dunstan Thomas Consulting also offer consulting services for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML Adoption and Bespoke MDG Extension development.


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