Pro Cloud Server - Installation and Configuration

Pro Cloud Server, Installation and Configuration Service

As Global Solutions Partners for Sparx Systems, Dunstan Thomas Consulting are experienced in providing the necessary expertise to assist organisations with their adoption of Pro Cloud Server and this begins with installation and configuration.

Our Consultants will work with you to set up Pro Cloud Server as your global collaboration platform for your Enterprise Architect repository based on the requirements of your organisation allowing you to connect to your repository from any web enabled location. WebEA will provide you with web access to your models whilst on the go so that you can review, discuss, manage and collaborate anywhere, at any time.

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What does a typical engagement look like?

An installation and configuration engagement is split into two phases over a three day period*.

Phase 1 – Discovery

Duration: 1 day

  • Establishment of the infrastructure
    • Server requirements for Pro Cloud Server and WebEA
    • Repository requirements for EA model repositories (must be DBMS hosted)
  • Requirements gathering
    • How many users are required and which repository, or repositories, are to be accessed as read only?
    • How many users are required and which repository, or repositories, are to be accessed with discussions?
    • How many users are required and which repository, or repositories, are to be accessed read / write?

Phase 2 – Installation and Configuration

Duration: 2 days

  • Installation and configuration of Web Server XAMPP
  • Installation of Pro Cloud Server
  • Configuration of Pro Cloud Sever
    • Licence configuration
    • OSLC configuration
    • Testing the installtion
  • Adding and configuring Pro Cloud Server Database Managers
  • Configuring WebEA to access EA model repositories
    • Adding WebEA to XAMPP
    • Configuring access and access levels for each EA model repository
    • Firewall configuration to allow client access
    • Creation of a batch file to configure automatic view-able components
      • Creating the EAWorker (one per model repository)
      • Creating the batch file
  • Testing WebEA access
    • Access using read only
      • Navigating and viewing
    • Access using discussions
      • Navigating and viewing
      • Creating and managing discussions
    • Access using read / write
      • Navigating and viewing
      • Creating new elements
      • Modifying elements

* Three days is the minimum duration for an average engagement which could increase depending on the complexity of the requirements set forth during the discovery phase.


The price for a standard three day installation and configuration engagement is as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Discovery
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Price: £1,200 +Vat
  • Phase 2 – Installation & Configuration
    • Duration: 2 days +
    • Price: £1,200 per day +Vat. Phase 2 length will be determined during discovery based on the complexity of your requirements
  • Minimum Total Price: £3,600 +Vat

These prices include our Consultant onsite for the duration. Any out of pocket expenses will be charged for in addition.

If you would like to discuss this service please contact the sales team:

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