Archital4 – Your dashboard for Enterprise Architect

Archital4 Overview

Archital 4Archital4 is an adaptive web portal comprising of a number of Apps, similar to a SmartPhone. These apps present data, in graphical or tabular form, extracted directly from your Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect model repository. For the tabular Apps, data can be edited within the App immediately updating the underlying Enterprise Architect model repository.

The portal is a responsive UI and hence the screen presented will display correctly on any device, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Each instance begins with the generic platform which is then customised to meet the client’s requirements. For example, a client can decide how Archital4 should look, the number and nature of the Apps, what data they wish to be displayed and how it should be presented.

Who can use Archital4?

Archital4 has two editions;

  • Archital4 Business Process Management.
  • Archital4 Enterprise Architecture.

The portal’s apps are dependant on a) your role and b) which edition you have. This means that with your views being role based there a variety of people that can make use of the tool. These roles include;

  • Stakeholders / Project Owners.
  • Project Managers.
  • Business Analysts.
  • Enterprise Architects.

The diagram below shows where the roles and editions meet;

Archital4: Roles and Editions

Product Features

Archital 4The portal presents data from the Enterprise Architect repository to users via a series of Apps in the dashboard. With these Apps you are able to review, manipulate and update project critical data directly to and from your model repository, including;

      • Requirements Coverage.
      • Backlog.
      • Model maturity.
      • Project timeline.
      • Resource utilisation.
      • Model Stability.
      • Tool Integration.

Typically these Apps fall into two categories:

      • Statistical Apps – these present data in chart form (pie chart, bar graph, line graph etc). Statistical apps have a “drill down” facility typically to a table format which allows navigation, search and edit facilities.
      • Notification Apps – are updated automatically when the model repository changes.

The diagram below shows the kind of app views you that one would see in the Business Process Management Edition based on your role:

Archital4: Business Process Management Edition

Built on Adaptive Portal Technology

icon_adaptiveportalAdaptive Portal is a component based client portal, that provides flexibility and agility so that information and insight can be delivered in an engaging way to users.

Adaptive Portal is built to provide exceptional user experiences whilst keeping pace with the changing behaviours of users through delivery across devices.

Adaptive Portal – Features

  • Adaptive Technology.
  • Workflow Engine.
  • Role based view customisations.
  • App based framework.

For the full rundown on the function and features please visit the Adaptive Portal page.

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