Extend Enterprise Architect with a Customised Modelling Environment

Customised Modelling Environment Development for Sparx Enterprise ArchitectA Customised Modelling Environment (also know as an MDG Plugin or MDG Extension) is a vehicle for providing access to the resources of either a commercially-available technology or a technology that has been developed for you. Such resources include a wide range of facilities and tools, such as UML Profiles, code modules, scripts, Patterns, images, Tagged Value Types, report templates, linked document templates, Toolbox pages and Learning Center pages.

Using Enterprise Architect a customised modelling environment can be used to extend / customise UML, BPMN 2.0, SysML, ArchiMate or create a brand new Metamodel.

If your systems or work domain require further specialization Dunstan Thomas Consulting, as a Technology Developer, can use Sparx Enterprise Architect to develop your own customised modelling languages and solutions.

Dunstan Thomas are able to create your bespoke Customised Modelling Environment at different levels of complexity:

  • Simple Customised Modelling Environment – Customisation of Elements & Basic Shape Scripts
  • Moderate Customised Modelling Environment – A customised modelling environment including Model Wizard, Elements (and Shapescripts), Diagrams, Toolboxes and Quicklinker Rules
  • Advanced Customised Modelling Environment – A complete modelling environment including Model Wizard, Elements (and Shapescripts), Connectors (and Shapescripts)
  • Adventurous Customised Modelling Environment – A complete modelling environment for a “standard” modelling notation, such as Enterprise Integration Patterns

Each of these levels of customised modelling environment is inclusive of the preceding levels.

You can use our quoting form below to work out the price of your bespoke Customised Modelling Environment for Sparx Enterprise Architect. Note that should you require to go beyond the advanced level then thorough investigation would be required so please contact us.


The above prices are not inclusive of expenses or VAT.

If you would like to discuss your MDG requirements with our consulting team then please contact us.

Dunstan Thomas Consulting Extensions

Dunstan Thomas Consulting has developed the EA SafeDelete extension and the Borland Caliber / Enterprise Architect Integration Add-in.