Sparx Enterprise Architect & UML Adoption


Does your use of UML and implementation of Enterprise Architect fit one or more of the following descriptions?

Pre use – UML Modelling is limited to diagrams constructed in tools such as Visio. Use Cases and Requirements captured textually in Office tools such as Word and Excel. Use of modelling is disjointed and inconsistent with no scope for re-usability or traceability. Modelling notations such as UML and BPMN are likely being used, but there is also a likelihood of “free formatted” diagrams..

Early use – A trial version (or trial versions) of EA has (or is) being used by a small number of users. These users have done some initial investigation with EA and, like what they see. However due to lack of formal training are unable to progress. Modelling notations such as UML and BPMN have basic and restricted usage

Developing use – More and more users in the business are using EA, but the approach within the enterprise is inconsistent and is unsynchronised. Modelling notations such as UML and BPMN are certainly in use.

Mature use – The business has had formal training in requirements, modelling and Enterprise Architect and UML modelling is emerging as part of the software development culture. The business has made significant progress in modelling but formal auditing and direction required.

Optimised use – The business is mature in their modelling culture and EA is used extensively. Additional tools to extend EA are required to enable the business to be more productive and raise modelling quality.

Would you like to mature your UML modelling and use of Enterprise Architect to an optimised level providing a sound and repeatable model based development process?

Dunstan Thomas will work with you to assess your current UML maturity level together with establishing the desired level of use. A plan is then produced to create a managed path to established optimised and mature use of EA and UML, phased in accordance with the maturity levels above. A typical project will consist of a combination of Enterprise Architect training, UML trainingUML ConsultingEnterprise Architect plugins and extensions and integration with other vendor products.

Contact us to organise an initial consultation and begin your roadmap to optimised use of UML and Enterprise Architect within your business.

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