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Sparx Enterprise ArchitectSparx Enterprise Architect Tip of the Month…

Thought that changing the appearance and line style of multiple connectors on an EA diagram was impossible without scripting? Think again, and try this:

  1. Select all elements on your diagram using the mouse and dragging a selection box around them (Ctrl + A does not work in this tip).
  2. Press the keyboard combination of CTRL+Shift+2.
  3. This displays the Relationships dialog where you should see all the relationships for your diagram.
  4. Select one or more relationships in this dialog.
  5. Right-click and select Appearance… to change the width / colour of all selected relationships.
  6. Right-click and select Line Style to change the line style of all selected relationships.

Try it and see.

If you use this tip often you may consider adding the Relationships view as part of your workspace (its on the Element menu in Sparx Enterprise Architect version 12).

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