Modelling System Structure and Interconnectivity using SysML 1.4 and EA

Interconnectivity using SysMLAt the recent EA User Group event in London our very own Phil “Chudders” Chudley delivered this presentation on Modelling System Structure & Interconnectivity using SysML and Enterprise Architect.

Phil’s presentation used a real-world example to highlight the modelling challenges for system structures and their interconnectivity. Using EA and SysML 1.4 Phil demonstrated a practical approach to modelling using SysML 1.4 focusing on:

  • Construction and use of libraries or re-usable elements, Blocks, ValueTypes and Interface Blocks.
  • Modelling the system structure using SysML 1.4 Block Definition Diagrams.
  • Modelling Block Interconnectivity using SysML 1.4 Internal Block Diagrams.

Phil presented a methodology using SysML and EA to design interconnectivity models for structured systems. To illustrate the methodology Phil used the example of modelling the wiring for a model railway, to demonstrate the validity of the methodology, an actual model railway was produced, which was then operated to show that the wiring designed in EA, worked in real life. Surely a first for EAUG meetings!


You can download a copy of Phil’s presentation slides here.

grafx-pdf Structural Modelling in SysML 1.4 & EA

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