UML - Unified Modelling LanguageUML® (Unified Modelling Language ®) is a modelling notation which was developed primarily to target the modelling of Object-orient Software Systems, but is used worldwide as a general modelling language for all aspects of Software Design. The current version, UML® 2.5 is specified by the Object Management Group. UML is used extensively by Organisations worldwide in every sector and forms the foundation upon which other modelling notations such as ArchiMate®, BPMN and SysML are based.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has provided modelling support for UML® and Dunstan Thomas Consulting have been providing training and consultancy support for UML® and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect for the last 12 years.

Dunstan Thomas Consulting provide hands-on training in all aspects of modelling (Business Process, Software Design, Data) using UML® and Enterprise Architect and consultancy services for the customisation of UML® using Enterprise Architect’s Model Driven Generator Technology.

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