Wire framing with Balsamiq

Quick Wire framing with Balsamiq collaboration

by David Collins, Senior Software Developer at Dunstan Thomas Consulting

A picture speaks a thousand words, when communicating to stakeholders during a software development project, wire framing is often the simplest way to convey ideas and functionality. Wire frames (or mockups) can be understood by both technical and non-technical users and will provide good discussion points to capture further detailed requirements.

BalsamiqAlthough the benefits of wire framing are clear, traditional charting and diagram tools are not normally designed with wire framing in mind. Use of these tools can often consume a great deal of resources to create the wire frames in the first place, even before the stakeholders have provided feedback which requires changes to the wireframes.

In order to streamline the production and modification of wire frames, Dunstan Thomas have recently begun to use Balsamiq mockups.

Balsamiq runs in a browser on most platforms and therefore the whole team can have access to each project, futher improving collaboration and communication within the team at Dunstan Thomas.

A large collection of assets are available by default, including layouts, form elements and grids. The collection of assets has been improved further by the user community allowing fast prototyping for most software user interfaces, whether Desktop, Web or Mobile.

The intuative user interface of Balsamiq allows anyone to quickly produce wire frames, the speed and effeciency of use is one of the main features that really makes this product stand out. In comparison with other tools, wireframes can be created in a quarter of the time, appear more professional and can easily be exported as PNG images or PDF documents for use in solution documents.

A 30 day trial free trial of Balsamiq is available, so I would urge anyone to evaluate this software to find the benefits it can bring to you.

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